I launched in july of 2008. The goal was to allow non english speaking french readers to better understand Google and their hundreds of tools. First on my own, and then helped with a handful of volunteers, we were translating to French the main announcements that Google was releasing on their many blogs.


The blog was quite a success. We quickly had over 1000 people reading our translations every day for almost 4 years. I got to learn about advertising deals, SEO, marketing, and most importantly WordPress development.

When I started Goopilation, I wasn’t a developer at all. I was a translator for small online games companies while studying in college, and was barely starting to get my hands into web related stuff. That’s why I chose Blogger at the time, since it was so easy to get a publication up and running in no time. As the site grew, we started to need more customized features, and we decided to migrate to a WordPress self-hosted blog.

Sadly, all those translations were a LOT of work, and we all slowly started to focus more on our respective jobs and lifes than on the blog.